About Me


Though I already wrote an intro post that shared a little bit about me, I thought that I would formally introduce myself.

I’m Catherine, usually go by Cat, unless I’m feeling formal or need to be more of an adult. As you can already know from my tagline, I’m currently a college student, just finished my freshman year. yay! And I decided to start this blog because, well my mom actually told me to, but to share some of my favorite things from my favorite music, foods, places to go, makeup, other random stuff, as well as documenting my adventures at college.

I’m a San Francisco¬†native (and actually from the city, not the Bay Area) going to school in Southern California. A professional wifi hunter, procrastinator and a pretty passive aggressive starbucks-goer/napper. I’m also a chipotle connoisseur; a s’mores, cheese and bread addict. Maker of snarky side comments and comebacks & lover of dumb jokes and puns. Listener of most types of music and fangirl of boybands and massive San Francisco Giants fan. If we meet in real life and you have a dog, I will pet it, no really, try to stop me.

I hope this give a little insight to me and that you enjoy this as well as the rest of my blog!



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