An Open Letter: Thank you, Dad.

Hi Friends!

I know that this blog has been empty for the past 6 months but things just got busy.

I was looking at my description that I have for this blog and it said “just a college girl trying to figure out how to be an adult” and it made me realize that it so relevant to today’s post. One thing you learn when you get older is how much you really under-appreciate your parents, or at least I did.

When I was looking at colleges, I honestly was just thinking about getting as far away from home as possible. Not that I regret picking my school because I love it, but I do wish I had different reasoning. At time time I was an angsty teenager, I mean I still am just older, but like everyone else I thought my parents were the most annoying people ever. But now that I’m older and on my own to figure how to do life, I kinda wish I had them hovering over my shoulder telling me how to write a check or how to properly defrost a chicken.

Seeing as today is Father’s Day, I just want to tell my dad (online because let’s be honest that’s the millennial thing to do) how thankful I am that he is my dad.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for always being there and helping the guys and me whenever I were stuck and needed a hand. Thank you for always reminding us that one little setback should not stop you from doing something (Like that time I fell off my bike and ¬†you laughed at me, I will never forget that). Thank you for always being thaaat guy at our all of our sports games and taking pictures because without, them I wouldn’t be able to reflect on how much I’ve grown up.

Thank you for teaching me to be independent and teaching me that if you want something you have to go for it yourself. Thank you for teaching me about sports and making sports, especially the Giants such a big part of our lives because when I look back on who I am, sports is a huge part of that and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Thank you for constantly nagging me and checking to make sure that I am cooking real food and not just ramen, which I don’t eat anyways! You nagging me has made me a better cook and not afraid to real ingredients, I think I can confidently say I have 3 solid recipes in my back pocket that I cook interchangeably.

Thank you for always thinking of me when you travel and getting me a Hello Kitty from wherever you go. Thank you for blessing me with good hair genes. All my friends appreciate it because they love playing with my hair. Although I will never reeally understand why you have curly hair and I have straight hair, I must get it from mom.

I know you weren’t thrilled when I first came to you with the idea of joining lacrosse my freshman year of high school, especially after we spent so much time working on my catcher skills for softball but I wanted to say thank you for always being supportive about it and helping me buy my first stick. Thank you for sticking with me and the sport and even buying a stick when I first joined so that you could throw with me and learn. Thank you for coming all the way to Vegas when we go in March for the tournament to see me and take pictures.

Thank you for being the bestest, most awesome daddy ever.

Love you and miss you,

Your angry little girl

Ps. Can you please get a haircut now?


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