Peace Out 2016, Hello 2017

Hi Friends!

I know that this blog has been kind of dead for a couple of months but as I said in my last post, I just kind of lost motivation to keep up with it. But I’m back with a reflection on the past year.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t agree with the rest of society who said that 2016 sucked because it really did. However, it wasn’t alll bad, it was just that the bad moments overshadowed the good moments. So as a reminder to myself and the rest of the world, here are some of my favorite moments from the past year.

Becoming the representative for Women’s Lacrosse on our Club Sports council has been an amazing experience. And getting a name tag just makes me feel so profesh
A university in Japan came to visit us and we did a practice with them and it was so much fun. Plus I got to pull out some of the Japanese that I learn in high school. They were impressed by the fact that I knew how to ask if I could go to the bathroom
This one just speaks for itself
Hiking to the Hollywood Sign (kinda) and eating tacos after
When we got our new pinnies in with the logo that my friend designed for us
This was taken after our last game of the season. I almost made it the whole game without falling and then I fell in the last minutes of the game in the muddiest part of the field. Classic.
This is me being ranked 68/278 in our league. It was freaking awesome! Oh yeah, and we ended our season as the top team in our conference. (it’s hard not to smile when I say that)
When I got to take my friend to her first Giants game and we ate dinner at Club Level and those of you who know, club level is a big deal!
LA Kings v. Anaheim Ducks! This was my first NHL game ever and it was so cool! Plus seeing our own hockey team play against our rival on the ice after the game was amazing.
My friend and I were Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service for Halloween. Also, this was one of first times that I actually went out this year. Oh yeah, I started going out more. It’s very out of character for me.
Our first scrimmage of the fall and since I wasn’t playing due to injury I got to play Coach for the day and it was so much fun. Figuring out subs on the spot is a lot harder than I thought

And of course this would be a year-end review blog post without throwing in some New Years Resolutions, but since I don’t like the word “resolutions” I’m going to use “goals.”

My goals for this year are:

-perfect a behind-the-back pass/shot

-hit the wall at least once a week (*do wall ball at least once a week)

-learn how to hand letter

-learn to not be so hard on myself

-take better care of myself, emotionally and physically

-this one goes with the last one, but I want to actually go to sleep before 2 am on a regular basis

-I want to not overthink and worry so much about anything and everything

So, those are my New Year’s Goals, what are yours? I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday season and are ready to kick some butt in 2017!



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