Let’s Taco-bout This Real Quick

Happy Taco Tuesday Friends!

One of my favorite foods is tacos. Hands down, I am always up for tacos. And I used to never be a taco person and that was because it’s hard to find good tacos, let alone good Mexican food in San Francisco. But living in Southern California has changed my perspective of what legit and good Mexican food are. I know that people are going to come in and tell me that tacos and burritos are not real Mexican food but I don’t care.
notebook taco

So, last weekend I went hiking with my friends, Virginia and Jenna to the Hollywood Sign. We couldn’t figure out how to get to the Hollywood sign but we hiked from the Griffith Observatory to wherever, I’m not even sure where we went, we just followed the paths. Jenna threw out the idea to check out this new taco place that was started by Danny Trejo, you know the Uncle from Spy Kids and the guy in Machete?
Anyways, I was like “YES, TACOS. LET’S GO.”

victorious taco

So after our hike, we went to Trejo’s Tacos on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. My first thought when we drove by was “crap, there is a hella long line and it’s gonna take forever.” I was so wrong. We stood in line for maybe 10-15 minutes, it might have seemed longer because I was so hungry.

The menu is fairly small, which I really like because I can be very indecisive and this limited my choices and made me choose faster. I ordered the Guacamole, Fried Jidori Chicken Taco and a Horchata to drink. I swear to you guys, it was the best meal I’ve had in a while. The guac was so good, and I have pretty high standards for my guac. I do not like smooth guacamole, I have to have chunks of avocado in it and this guacamole had the perfect ratio of smoothness to chunkiness and had just enough citrus and ugh it was just so good. I got the fried chicken taco because it was something different. This one was served on a piece of lettuce and it was so good. Despite it being fried chicken, it wasn’t too heavy. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD.






The restaurant itself is not very big, there were like 4 tables inside but there was a huge patio area. I really liked the patio area, it was filled with big picnic tables which was kinda cool because we were talking to the people next to us the whole time and it was nice. They were also telling us which bars to go to for good drinks and food. Every time I’m with Virginia and Jenna people always think that we are 21, which is cool, I guess? They were also selling shirts on outside patio area and now I deeply regret not buying one.

If you are ever in LA, I totally recommend going to Trejo’s Tacos. The prices are really good and it’s hard to find places to eat in LA that are not too pricey. This place is definitely going on my list of favorite restaurants.

Ps. Yes, I did write this post while wearing my taco Tuesday socks.
Pps. All PC goes to Virginia’s iPhone.


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