Party Like It’s Not Your Birthday

Happy Saturday Friends!

As you can probably assume from this title, it was my birthday yesterday. I am officially 20 years old, no longer a teen! Not that I really know what that means but I definitely don’t feel any different.

This is not going to be a boring “things I learned in my last year” post, this is going to a foodie post. As I got older, I’ve started to realize that birthday cake is a little cliche. Don’t get me wrong, I love cake just as much as the next person, but there is so much more that we can do with birthday cake! I mean have you ever tried Birthday Cake Oreos? I just had one for the first time and it’s freaking amazing.

I am going to show you two recipes that are birthday cake alternatives and just as good.

Cake Batter/Birthday Cake is one of my favorite flavors of stuff, cake batter anything I am all about.

Cake Batter Bark
(recipe originally from How Sweet It Is)



4 oz. dark (I got 100% unsweetened not realizing how bitter 100% was) and white chocolate
note: I used Baker’s brand of chocolate, a brand  I’ve never used so I was kinda nervous as to how it would melt, but I thought I would try it since I know that the Nestle kind does not melt very well.

3 teaspoons funfetti cake mix

Sprinkles (I used dinosaur ones because dinosaurs are freaking awesome)
How the hell am I supposed to get them out of this hole??

I also used an 8×8 baking pan because I didn’t have a lot of chocolate and I thought that a 9×13 would be too big. I also used parchment paper so it won’t stick to my pan and duh, easy clean up.

Let’s get started!

I followed the instructions on the chocolate box which said to microwave it for 30 seconds first, do another 30, then keep going in 10 second increments until completely melted. It took 4-5 rounds to get it completely smooth.


I let my dark chocolate cool a little bit before pouring it in my pan because the bowl a little hot.

So pour it in your pan and use a spatula to help spread it out to the edges.


Stick that in the freezer for at least 20 minutes.

When the 20 minutes is almost up, you can start on the white chocolate.

I microwaved it for the same amount of time as the dark chocolate.


Add your 3 teaspoons of cake mix to the white chocolate and mix until combined and then let it sit for 3 minutes until it thickens.

Pull your dark chocolate out of the freezer and pour your white chocolate on top and spread that out over the dark chocolate and add on your sprinkles! You might need to press your sprinkles in to make sure they stick.
note: make sure you work fast with your white chocolate and sprinkles because once I did one side of the white chocolate it began to set  on top of the frozen dark chocolate and I had to press my sprinkles in kind of hard, so just remember to work fast.


Pop that in the fridge for at least 20 minutes.

When it has completely hardened, break it up and enjoy!

Birthday Cake Ice Cream
(recipe originally from Mommy Bunch)



14 oz. can of condensed milk

2 cups of heavy whipping cream
(which equals 1 pint, which heavy whipping cream usually comes in. You may think, why didn’t you just google that while you were at the store Cat? That’s because I was on the phone and neither I nor my friend knew. But hey, now I have extra for more ice cream!)

1/3 cup granulated sugar

1 tub of blue frosting

1/4 cup of sprinkles
(yeah I just eye balled it)

Optional: Birthday Cake Oreos
(I just forgot to add mine in. FAIL)

Let’s get started!

Start by getting 2 bowls, a large bowl and a medium sized bowl.

In your medium bowl, beat together your condensed milk and sugar until it is combined.


Quickly rinse your beaters and whip your heavy whipping cream in  your large bowl until you see soft peaks. This will take a while and may get a little messy.


Here you will realize why you need the large bowl, slowly add in your condensed milk/sugar mixture and give it a good mix. Pretty much mix it until you don’t see streaks of condensed milk anymore.


Get your loaf pan ready by lining it with parchment paper. Once again, yes I used parchment paper for the easy clean up.


I also had this Talenti Gelato container and I thought it would be cute to put some on there too, but I had too much ice cream for my loaf pan.


Here is the fun part, get your frosting and scoop out 3 tablespoons, or more, and place them randomly on the top of your ice cream mixture. Then using a butter knife, break up the glob and swirl it around the mixture. Try not to over swirl because you it to be white with blue streaks, not blue ice cream. Same goes for your smaller container. This is also when you can add in your sprinkles and swirl those in.

I got so excited when I got to this stage, like holy balls. I made that.

ps. This is a recipe where you can totally lick the spatula and oh my god. I was texing my friend saying “OMG DUDE. THIS LEGIT TASTES LIKE MELTED ICE CREAM. OMG I’M SO EXCITED”

grace dancing gif

Pop this in the freezer for at least 6 hours, I left mine overnight since I made this at like 10pm. I pulled mine out at around 8:30 am and there is what it looked like.


The consistency of this ice cream was more soft serve than the traditional store bought ice cream, just something to keep in mind.

And you know me, I had to do a photo shoot. Let me tell you how this went, because this ice cream is so soft, I had to scoop and run out to my balcony to get a good picture but the damn maintenance trucks were in the way, so I had to re-position 3 times with ice cream melting on me.


Here is the final product! Birthday Cake Bark and Birthday Cake Ice Cream!

I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know if you try these out!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes and thank you Facebook for reminding people that yesterday was my birthday

If you are wondering, yes I did eat ice cream for breakfast. No shame.


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