New Semester Resolutions

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year! ISH (I KNOW IT’S FEBRUARY I JUST FORGOT TO POST THIS, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT) And in New Years tradition I am going to be sharing my resolutions as well as why they are my resolutions. I will tell you right now that I will probably not keep, but there’s nothing wrong with making them right?

Read at least 1 book.
I do not read. I have a very short attention span, but I feel like I should be reading more books, like physical books, not eBooks. I read one book this year and it was for class. I always like the idea of reading physical books and I also feel like my brain will melt if I don’t. That’s the real reason I feel the need to read a book.

Be better with money.
I am crap with money. So this year I am going to try to save my money for what really matters, groceries. I never realized until this year how expensive it was to grocery shop. Being an adult is hard and trying to save money is exhausting.

Talk to more strangers.
As a communications major, it’s pretty key for me to have the social skills that I do not currently have. So I’ve decided to talk to strangers aka people in my classes this year because I didn’t really do that this past semester, like at all. I am also pretty introverted as some people like to point out and I know that talking to more people won’t make me extroverted but I’m just trying to lessen my introvertedness. If that makes any sense.

Pay it forward.
I’ve always liked the concept of paying it forward and I just don’t do it enough and this year I will! So if you are behind me at Starbucks, I got you.

Make more stuff.
I feel like this year I wasn’t my creative best, although I did make a strap for my yoga mat that I don’t really use, but I was really impressed with that one. Anyways, I have Brit Morin of Brit+Co and Joy Cho of Oh Joy’s books and I am determined to make something from them because I have read them so many times and just never actually make anything from them, except that yoga mat strap. Ps you should totally buy those books, I love them and you can get them on amazon here (Brit Morin’s book) and here (Joy Cho’s book).

Take more pictures.
I take a lot of snapchats, but never just pictures. So this year I will use my camera more just for pictures, and not stupid pictures of the sunset because everyone will hate me for those.

Wear my snapbacks more.
This one may sound stupid but I have so many snapbacks and I always think about wearing them and then last minute I take them off before I leave but no, I will wear them and I will rock them!

I know this post is kinda late, but how are you guys doing with your resolutions? I hope you are keeping them and we can keep each other on track with these!


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