Happy Saturday Friends!
(yes I realize that I don’t have a title or a picture, I just really didn’t know what to put)

I’m not dead! I know that I have been super slacking on this and yes, everyone has been telling me that but honestly, my only excuse is that school was so crazy this semester for me.

But I am now on winter break so hopefully I can get back on track with this blog, and keep it up next year.

To be honest, I’ve been starting posts but just never got a chance to finish them.

So I thought that I would get back into things with a reflection on this semester. Here are some lessons that I learned in the first half of my sophomore year:

Planners are the shiznit.
I’ve always had a planner but now I take it so seriously, like whenever there is a possible event or something, I write it down immediately. I do use my phone calendar, but not for anything real important because I know that even if I put an alarm on it, I will still forget it. But I blame Elle aka allthatglitters21 who does videos about how she organizes her planners and I saw one and it changed my life. Literally I will spend 20 minutes writing down everything that needs to get done that day/week. It just feels so good to have your shiz together and be like a real adult.

Living with other people is like a group project, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
But is it not

Yes, it’s okay to eat rice and spaghetti interchangeably for 3 weeks.
I’ve decided that I will die of carbs.

It’s okay to be that kid that brings an iPad to class because you have to READ 60 PAGES AND THAT KILLS TREES.
Homegirl is not down to be printing 30 pages back and front.

Don’t put off things that you know you can finish quickly.
I know it’s super easy to just put off everything and take a nap but in the end staying up until 2 to finish something that would taken 30 minutes is not fun.

I cannot stay up as late as I used to.
I used to be able to stay up until 2 or 3 am no problem, but now when it hits 10 pm, I am in bed and ready to go to sleep. Am I old now?

It’s okay to wear the same shirt 2 days in a row.
Because most likely you won’t see the same people on Monday and Tuesday.

I’ve decided that I hate long pants.
I hate wearing my jeans.  I hate them. I’ve been wearing my workout cropped leggings for like the past week, yes, everyday idc, and they are damn comfortable. I refuse to ever put jeans back on. Shorts and workout leggings. #NoPantsAreTheBestPants

Naps are cool.
That’s it.

The library is actually a good place to go to study, and eat lunch…
I’ve started to go to library everyday this semester because it’s just convenient and I can actually get a lot of stuff done. And yes, it’s a good place to eat lunch, even though you are technically not supposed to…

Anxiety and panic attacks are cool.
I had my first panic attack this year and it sucked. To be honest I wrote a whole post about it but never finished it because typing out what had happened made me start to cry, so it was never posted. But I’ve come to accept that a lot of people have anxiety and panic attacks sometime just happen and I learned to make sure not to get too stressed out or else I will die.

I am for some reason into hockey now.
Yeah, that’s a thing now? It started because we have to go to other team’s games for lacrosse and yeah, some of those hockey boys, damn. That’s all I’m gonna say. But also hockey games are so fun because you get to bang on the glass. That’s really why I go.

I am the best.
hahah I’m not trying to be conceited but literally everyone will tell me that I am the best whenever I do something for them. I think it’s so weird but my automatic response is just “I know” with the girl with the hand emoji, yaknow that one.

So those are some lessons I learned this past semester, but to be honest, I am proud of myself for finishing strong. I mean, I got an A on my philosophy final, philosophy guys. like whaaat

I hope that this was an okay post, and not too depressing, to merge myself back into posting weekly. Hopefully I will keep up with posting, actually no, I WILL keep up with this blog!



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