Holy Crepe!

Happy Saturday Friends!

My apologies for not having a post up last week, it was a super stressful week for me and I was just not feeling mentally well, I cried like 3 times last week. Also, I think I’m going to move my post days to Saturdays because it will give me an extra day to polish off my posts and because school has got me super busy during the week. I hope you don’t mind!

As you probably have guessed, today’s post is another foodie post.
I can’t help it!

A couple weeks ago, my roommates and I hit up the Anaheim Night Market and it was an interesting experience, to say the least.

I really wanted to go because it seemed really cool and I’ve never been to the Packing District so I was really excited to go. It was not really what I expected. I knew that it would be a big event, but I didn’t know that it would be a crowded event.

I have never been to a Night Market before and seems like a thing that happens down here in SoCal, but if I had to describe what the Anaheim Night Market was, I would say it is if a fancy/hipster food court and the Renegade Craft Fair had a baby, this would be the offspring.












As I said, it was crowded, and I mean PACKED, and if you know anything about when places are packed it means that people are in the worst moods because no one wants to be in line when it’s hot and people are constantly walking through the line to get somewhere. Another bad part about it being packed is that it is really hard to take a nice picture of, well, anything. So now you know why some pictures are really crappy. Fortunately for me, there were a few good souls that did let me take my pictures before they walked pass me.

Besides it being a really crowded event, it was actually a really cool concept. Definitely food blogger/hipster central. The Anaheim Packing District is really cool, I like the fact that it has an open center of the room and all the food places are around the sides and on the second level, it’s like that so the whole thing is really open. As one of my roommates put it, “it’s smaller than it looks, but is bigger than it sounds” and it’s so true.


IMAG1152look at this madness

This place has food places of all sorts including an ice cream shop, juice bar, regular bar, crepe place (I don’t really know if there is a formal word for this, crepery?), southern food, popsicle bar, grilled cheese only restaurant, a pub and a lot of other things that I can’t think of at 1 am as I’m working on this.











As you could probably tell from this list, I had a hard time deciding what to eat, especially since I am also a very indecisive person as it is. At the time that we went, I wasn’t really hungry but as I walked around, I started to get hungry and decided on a crepe, it also had the shortest line. The crepery, yeah, I’m just gonna go with that one, there is called the Crepe Coop.
Isn’t that so cute?



I got the Milk N’ Cookies in a Red Velvet crepe. I’ve had a few crepes in my day and this was by far the best one. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
john stewartthis is a literal representation of my reaction

It was also definitely worth the wait because it was about a 10 ish minute wait in line and then another 10 ish minute wait for the actual crepe but it wasn’t that bad. It actually passed by quickly because they have clear glass on the counters and you can watch them making the crepes and it’s actually really cool just to see how they are able to make them so quickly and I can barely flip pancakes without ruining them. When I got my crepe, the first thing I did was take a picture, obviously. And because it’s me, I took like 10 trying to get the perfect picture. But again, it was definitely worth the wait.


IMAG1182look at this godly creation

IMAG1181you know I had to take a picture of my crepe in front of the chalk wall

This kind of crepe is not for people who don’t want to get messy while eating because these crepes are so packed that it’s impossible to not get a little dirty and sticky while eating.

Overall, I rate the Anaheim Night Market a 3.5/5. I was good, but it was just a little too crowded for my taste.

IMG_1155caught red (velvet) handed.

Check out the Anaheim Packing District for a list of all the eateries and upcoming events!

most pictures and occasional model in pictures is my roommate, Ana


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  1. I had no idea this place existed and I’ve lived in California my whole life! But to be fair I’ve moved away eight years now, so maybe this happen in that time. It looks like a fun time. But I too would think that it would be too crowded for my taste. Speaking of taste, that crepe looks amazing! Have an awesome day. Koko:)


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