A Healthy Chipotle?? Whaaat!?

Happy Friday Friends!

I know my posts have been up at weird times, it’s just that my work load for this semester is craaazy and I’m busy reading all the time so please don’t hate me!

Lucky for you, I am back today with another foodie post!

Last week I went out to lunch with my friend, Virginia, and we couldn’t decide where to go. You know when you’re hungry and you just don’t know what you’re hungry for so you just stand there saying “I’m good with anything, so you choose,” back and forth to each other? Such a typical girl thing to do.

We eventually agreed to go to this new place near school called Fresh Griller. You can think of it as a healthy Chipotle. say whaaaaat?? It’s very similar Chipotle in the sense that the set up is the same, you can get a bowl, wrap, or salad and you go down the line telling them what you want it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to give up my steak bowls with guac, it’s just that sometimes you need to take a break and need to eat something a little healthier.

I’m telling you, this place was seriously so good and so filling that I only ate half of my bowl, and it was a huge bowl. I was actually surprised that  I was getting full because not going to lie, I eat a lot, and half of this bowl filled me up.

I got a bowl with basmati rice, chicken, julienne vegetable, cucumber salad, teriyaki sauce, fresh cilantro, and avocado (I mean, at this point in life, no avocado is not even an option). Oh! I also had an iced tea and unfortunately it wasn’t that good.


IMAG1057gotta get that angle tho

One of my favorite things about this place is the ambiance (ooo look at that fancy word action). The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how quiet it was, it was pretty full inside, every table was taken, yet it wasn’t too loud. I could actually have a conversation with Virginia and not have to yell to talk to her across from me. Another thing is the layout of the restaurant, it’s very spacious and the walls are all windows so it’s very bright open and just kind of makes you feel good when your eating (if that made any sense).
Also, lots of windows=a lot of natural light=really nice #foodporn pictures.




IMAG1060I want these signs in my apartment

Overall, I give this place a 5/5. IT WAS SO GOOD

yoda_dancingI thank my COMM professor for this one

If you are in the Fullerton/OC area I definitely recommend checking out Fresh Griller


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