Adventure is Out There, Part 3

Happy Friday Friends!

Sorry about last week’s post being late and going up on Saturday but hopefully I will get this up on time!

Today’s post is the last post about my friend, Virginia’s trip to San Francisco. The last day she was here was definitely the most walking we had done in all the days that she was here.

On the third day we went to Green Apple Books, the Legion of Honor, hiked Lands End, which was about 3.4 miles with a detour to Mile Rock Beach, the Sutro Baths, ate lunch at Irving Pizza, and ended the day at Bi-Rite for some ice cream.

When I was planning out what to do with Virginia while she was in San Francisco, I was planning to do a hike, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do Mount Davidson or Lands End. So I left it up to her and she chose Lands End which I think was good choice because it’s a little more scenic than Mount Davidson, in my opinion.

The only downside to Lands End is that it’s on the other side of the city so we had to take the bus there, but it wasn’t a total loss because the bus stop we got off at was right in front of Green Apple Books. Though I already knew the answer, I asked Virginia if she wanted to go inside and she did. I was actually glad that she did because like most of the other things that we did on this trip, I had never been there. It is such a cool little store. What I really liked about the store was that they didn’t just have academic books and novels, they had a lot of what I would call “coffee table” books. For example, they had a book called “The History of Lego”, and I thought it was so cool! I would have totally bought it, had it not been $30.

IMAG0951how cute is this book?

After spending about 30 minutes in the bookstore, we hopped back on the bus and headed towards Lands End. I hadn’t been to Lands End in almost a year so I vaguely remembered how to get there. What I didn’t know was where the entrance was, so we ended up walking the way that passes the Legion of Honor. I prefer to say that I wanted to show her the Legion of Honor instead of saying that I messed up because I didn’t know how to get to the beginning of the trail.


After saying “I think it’s this way…” about a million times, we finally made it up to the front. If you don’t what Lands End is, it’s a trail that you can hike that runs along the coast of the bay and eventually ends on the other side of the city at Ocean Beach. A very Instagram worthy place. Virginia had the idea to turn on her Nike+ on her phone so that we could track how much we walked, unfortunately it was draining her battery so we couldn’t use it the whole time but I think we did about 4 miles of walking, including all the stairs we did. Oh yeah, BEWARE, there are a lot of stairs on the Lands End trail.

One of the things that I love about Lands End is that there are a lot of hidden places to go. Technically they are “restricted areas” but if you have a chance, I recommend sneaking up there because there are really cool spots to take a breather, and maybe an Instagram pic.

One place I really wanted to go when I found out we were going to Lands End was Mile Rock Beach. I really wanted to find out where everyone was taking those pictures inside the circle of rocks.



We finally made it to Mile Rock Beach after taking an alternate route to get there but it was really cool. I guess I didn’t realize that to get all the rocks in the picture, you have to climb up on this huuuuge rock to the the picture from above. Although I almost died, the picture was totally worth it.





After having a mini photoshoot and waiting for the girls infront of us to stop taking 100000 selfies, we walked down to the actual beach part of Mile Rock Beach. It was a really small beach, but still there were a lot of people and dogs there. We thought that maybe we would walk along the beach and it would, at some point, lead us back up to the trail. We were wrong. We walked along the beach only to come to a dead end at a pile of rocks, so we turned around and followed our steps back up to the trail. What I had forgot about going back up to the trail was that we took the alternate route so we didn’t have to take the stairs down. Let’s just say that those stairs are the definition of leg day. I think Virginia counted that we did something like 400 steps. I definitely felt the burn.



Seeing the end of the trail was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. It’s not that I didn’t like the hike but I was just soo tired. My legs were shaking so bad. But I had to keep up my energy because I wanted to show Virginia the Sutro Baths. This is another thing that all my friends have gone too and see and I still had no idea what they even were, so we said “adventure is out there!” and checked it out. Again, in my opinion, yeah I have a lot of opinions, the Sutro Baths are nice but not really something I would go out of my way to go see, but they are still pretty cool. We also got to walk though the cave which at first, seemed a little very sketchy, but the end was really cool. It was a small lookout area where you could see the waves crashing against the rocks, it seems not very interesting but it felt very calming. Unfortunately, when you walk across the baths, it’s kind of hard to get back up to where you started. So we had to climb up. That was an adventure in itself, it was like climbing up the Grand Canyon.






IMAG0969the Grand Canyon of San Francisco


IMAG0972Giant Camera by the Cliff House

After we hiked up the Grand Canyon, we decided to meet up with my friends, Marianna and Kristine, for lunch. We decided to meet up with them in the Sunset district and had pizza at Irving Pizza. Bring at Irving Pizza was such a throwback for Kristine and I because we used to always hangout there every Friday of our senior year after my lacrosse practice would end.

After eating lunch, we were starting to feel a little pooped but I didn’t want to not do the number one thing that was on my list of things to with Virginia. So before going home for dinner, we squeezed in a quick trip to the Mission for some ice cream.

As you probably have guessed, we went to Bi-Rite. I don’t think anyone understands my love for Bi-Rite or just ice cream in general. Bi-Rite is one place that I tell people is a must visit whenever they come to the city. IT IS SO AMAZING AND THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE ARE SO NICE AND SO CHILL AND SO INEXPENSIVE. Yes, it’s so good that it is worth all caps.



IMAG0983totally regret not getting a cookie

We took the route of going to Castro Station then walking over a few blocks. I thought going through the Castro would also be really cool to see because the Castro is a really nice neighborhood to walk through and they actually have some really good food places.



Nevertheless, we were on a mission! Operation Get Ice Cream Into My Tummy. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t much of a line because there usually a line that wraps around the corner of the store, but then again it was 5pm on a Thursday afternoon. But I was not complaining about the short line, actually I was like

grace dancing gif

After taking 5000 years to decide what flavors to get, seriously all of them sounded so good, I decided on getting Creme Brulee and Honey Lavender. I really wanted to try something that was kind of out of the box, I mean can get the generic flavors anytime, but the Creme Brulee was limited addition, so I said “I NEED IT” and it did not regret it at all.



IMAG0982the man in the back judged me so hard.

IMAG0988it wasn’t that good 😉


After we got our ice cream and took a VERY necessary instagram picture of my ice cream, we chilled at Dolores Park for a bit to eat our ice cream and people watch. It was really nice to kind of take a break and sit for a bit and people watch, oh and to empty the sand out of our shoes from the beach.

After we sat for a bit we decided to start heading home. I was really sad to head home because I knew that Virginia would be leaving the next day and that I would go back to being bored until school starts.

This trip made me realized how much I’m going to miss my city when I go back down to school. I’m so glad that Virginia came up to visit me a) because you know people always say they’ll visit you but you never really think that they actually will, so I was soo happy when she said she was going to come, and b) because I got to play tour guide with her and see things that I haven’t even seen and I have been living in the city for 19 years. I am so thankful for Virginia coming up to see me because I could not have asked for a better adventure partner in crime.

Also, one of my favorite parts of this whole trip was actually watching the Giants games with Virginia because now she is slowly turning into a Giants fan. Her favorite is the new kid, Kelby Tomlinson, or glasses as she calls him. *secretly buys her a toon of Giants stuff so she can be a true fan*

ps. the day this is gets posted, Aug 28, 2015, is Virginia’s birthday, so happy birthday!!


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