Concert Survival Pack

Happy Friday Friends!

If there was one thing that screams summer, it’s definitely those concerts and music festivals. I have been to my fair share of summer concerts/music fests and just concerts in general and each time I have learned that it is so key to be prepared for whatever happens.

So today, I’m going to show you how to assemble your own concert survival pack.

Depending on the type of concert you are going to will determine what you bring. For example, you don’t really want to backpack it to a GA concert.

A Bag (of course if the venue allows it)
For a music fest, I recommend some sort of small backpack or a drawstring bag and for a regular night time concert, I recommend just bring either a large wallet or a small purse.

Something to Hold Your Cards
This is just to keep all you cards, such as your ID, driver’s license, credit/debit card, and your medical card all together so that don’t lose them. Even a rubber band or hair tie or a bobby pin will do it if you are just bring a large wallet.

I recommend bring cash for several reasons 1)in case you need to call a cab or whatever after the show, 2)to buy food or drinks, and 3)if you want to buy merch. I recommend bringing cash to pay for things just because to me, it seems a lot safer than using card because you are less likely to have your information stolen. I mean obviously don’t bring a toooon of cash, but just enough for the day.

For obvious reasons, but also in case there is a creeper and you need to self-defend yourself. Nothing wrong with precautions! Also in case you need to cut something open or off, like if the tab of your Red Bull breaks and you need to use your keys to open the top. (not that I know from experience or anything)

First Aid Kit
I don’t mean a clunky first aid box, but like 1-2 band aids, some ibuprofen, maybe an allergy pill, and some hand sanitizer. Because I kid you not, someone is going to need one of those things.

Portable Charger
This is totally a must if you are going to be out all day whether that means standing in line for hours or walking around the festival for hours but at some point, all those selfies are going to use up a lot of your battery and you are going to definitely need to recharge. So a portable charger is always a must and you can just use it when you have down time between acts. Trust me, nothing is worst than your phone dying and being at a venue that is practically in the middle of nowhere.

Hair Tie
For multiple reasons 1)for your hair, duh, 2)if that shirt you just bought at the merch table is too big and you need to tie excess, 3)keeping all you crap together if you didn’t bring a bag, and 4) some other girl, or maybe dude, will need one and will ask anyone and everyone if they have one.
(I know this from experience, someone always asks me for a hair tie)

Light Jacket
Again for obvious reasons but a jacket can also double as a blanket incase you need to sit on the ground while waiting to get in or if you have lawn seats or something like that.

Never bring a sharpie because most venues will take it away, so just bring a pen that can write well on all surfaces. You never know when you’ll need one, incase you get someone’s number ;), you get autographs, or you just need to write something down.

Chapstick/Lip Balm/Small Vaseline
You should just always have this but it can also help in case you get a cut somewhere. If you happen to have the small vaseline for lips, it can also help with cuts, but incase the shoes you have on are not as comfortable in the 7th hour of standing around and are cutting into your ankles, you can apply some vaseline there and it won’t chafe as much.

Here are some more optional things to bring:

Sunglasses and Sunscreen
definitely a must have if the concert you are going to is during the day and you are going to be outside for 3 hours+

Blanket/Beach towel
I would only bring this if you are going be sitting for a long time, if not, I wouldn’t waste the bag space on it when you could just use a jacket.

Sealed Bottles Water and Snacks
Again, venue allowing, I would totally recommend bringing snacks because concert food is expensive. Most places let you bring in sealed water bottles, so definitely do that if you can and just small sealed snack packs are good, then you can binge eat whatever late night fast food is close by after the concert *cough*IN-N-OUT*cough*

Of course what you can and can’t bring in depends on what concert you are going to. This is just what I like to bring and it almost always comes in handy.

Also, one more concert going pro tip, use the buddy system. Of course you can go to concerts by yourself, I just recommend, if you can, utilize the buddy system. You will be a lot safer and more comfortable if you have someone else with you. You know what they say, two brains are better than one.

I hope this helps you feel a little more prepared for any concerts you might be going to in the near or distant future!

grace dancing gifremember to have fun at those concerts too!


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