Makers Gonna Make, Make, Make

Happy Friday Friends!

Sorry there was no post last week! I got super busy with studying for my exam, scheduling classes, and finishing some other projects, and I also had a bit of “writer’s block” (if you can even call me a writer). So I, well my friend,  called it a “creative hiatus” but I am back to tell you about what I did last weekend, per usual.

So, last Sunday I went the Renegade Craft Fair. If you have never heard of it, it’s a craft fair where artists of all kind come from all over the country and sometimes the world, to show case their products, it’s basically Etsy in real life. It’s pretty much what I imagine heaven would be. Here was the flyer, look at how many vendors there were!IMAG0517

IMAG0518look at this madness

As someone who usually doesn’t do a lot of things by herself, I actually surprised myself when I decided to just go alone a check it out. Let me tell you, it was quite the adventure. The fair was held at Fort Mason, in the Marina District of San Francisco. I think it was a great idea to put it there because there is so much space for all the vendors and it’s easily accessible on the bus, though it takes a flippin’ long time. But once you get off the bus, it’s right there, so it’s really easy to get there.

I have never been to the Renegade Craft Fair before but I’ve always wanted to go and I was so glad I went because it was so cool to see the different types of things that people make from bags to jewelry to sound wave art.

My favorite part about the fair was probably looking at how all the vendors set up their products because when it comes to these fairs, it’s all about how you present yourself as a vendor, meaning you need some kick ass signs and a killer set up. Here are some of my favorites





IMAG0553probably the best sign I saw

















No one really had an over the top/too gaudy sign. A lot of vendors went the “less is more”/simplistic route when it came to their signs, which I think is a good idea because it is more appealing to the eye.

Since I went alone I forced myself to be social and actually talk to the vendors about their companies and they were all really chill people who were genuinely interested in talking to the people, not just about making a profit.

IMAG0598I loved the story the owner, Erica Brotzman, told me about the name of her company, Chapter. She was an English major in college and just decided to blend the two aspects of her life. I think it’s such a cute and creative name.

IMAG0653Brianna Bulski of Little Arrow, said that the name “Little Arrow” came to her in a dream and it just stuck with her. I think that it’s so cool that it has an story behind the name and it’s not just her name.

I also talked to Tyler Davis, the creator of SoundViz, which turns sound waves of any song or voice recording into an at piece. I loved that he also had a super cool and sentimental meaning to his company, he said that he’s a musician and just kind of got the idea to turn sound waves into art.

Here are more highlights from the fair


IMAG0676Oh Hello Friend
I’ve been to this store in Fullerton and it is so cute, it’s one of my favorite stores ever


IMAG0670Thousand Skies

IMAG0665metal die cut bookmarks


IMAG0662this was really weird, not gonna lie, but kinda cool

IMAG0654Little Arrow has the best cards




IMAG0637Mr. City Printing


IMAG0625can I get this framed for my apartment?


Overall, I had fun looking at everything there was, it also helped that Fort Mason has an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

 If you are looking to go to the fair, keep in mind its a lot of wood work, purses, and candles.

I definitely recommend checking out the Renegade Craft Fair if you are interested in crafts (duh.), Etsy, or anything creative. It’s always free to attend and they usually have 2 per year. Check out their website, here, to see when the next fair is coming near you as well as a complete list of vendors. Oh! I also forgot, one key info point, they have food! They have food there to buy and vendors that have homemade popcorn, honey, jam, and even pickles. So you can totally rack up those free samples.

So if are an Etsy addict like me, check out the Renegade Craft Fair


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