Baby, There’s a Shark in the Water

Hello Friends!

It’s that time of the year again, no, not Christmas (though I wish), it’s shark week!

So I have a recipe here, that you can totally munch on while you are marathoning Discovery Channel and listening to “Shark in the Water” by VV Brown on repeat like I am.

I wanted a recipe that was related to sharks and since, it is summer, I have a recipe for Sharks in a Cup! (not very original, I know)

This recipe is originally from this POPSUGAR Food video, but I’ve made a few changes.

So let’s jump right in! (heh. get it?)

(I’m going to be following the measurements of the original recipe)

1 3-oz. pack of Blue Raspberry Jell-O mix (I will just measure out 3-oz. from this 8-oz. box, which is about 6 tbsp.)
3/4 cup of boiling water
1/2 cup of cold water
Ice (appropriately in a cat bowl)
Crush Graham Crackers (I didn’t have any so I used these Goldfish Graham crackers)
Candy Fish and Sharks (Swedish fish are my personal favorite)
Cups or Mason Jars
optional: other gummy animals like frogs (though I don’t think frogs get anywhere near sharks) and octopus (although I couldn’t find any)
yes, the bag is open because I have no will power when it comes to candy

Let’s get started!

Pour the boiling water in and stir until all the powder mix is dissolved.
Then, add in your ice cubes to the water and pour that into the hot mixture. Stir until it gets slightly thick and you know it’s slightly thick when bubbles start to form around the sides of the bowl and some of it sticks to the whisk.


Remove some of the unmelted ice and put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes to get set up a little.

While that is in the fridge, this is the time to crush up your graham crackers. I went for more of a chunky/gravely texture.


After about 20 minutes, take out your jell-o and give that a mix. It’ll be a little chunky, but still liquidly enough to mix and pour into your jars

Because it’s quite thick, this is when you can add in your fish, sharks, and frogs and they will set in where you put them.
(yeah, I know frogs don’t live with sharks, but they do now)

After that, just put that in the fridge to set for at least an hour.

And tadaaaa! Here is your finished sharks in a cup!
This recipe is so simple and so yummy that you can make at any time of the year. It’s also a total nostalgic recipe that will remind you of those jello cups you used to get in elementary school. It would definitely be something that could be made for a kid’s birthday party, I think that they would love the fact that there are sharks and fish in their jello cups! I would recommend that you use small plastic cups for a kids birthday party because that way you don’t need to worry about them dropping and breaking a mason jar what would be too heavy.

It will definitely be a hit at the next family get together!


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