You and I Were, Fire, Fire, Fireworks

Happy July 4th Friends!

If you didn’t know, Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, 1) because I love getting to wear American Flag print anything, 2) I love watching fireworks, and 3) I love America! (duh.)

So like we did for Donut Day, here are some things to help you celebrate America’s birthday with me!


betsy boss Betsy Boss T-Shirt

teddy swoleseveltTeddy Swolesevelt Tank

eleanor swolsevelt i want to wear this tank all day every day
Eleanor Swolesevelt Tank (check out MericaMade for more freakin awesome shirts like these)

USA_Shorts American Flag Lacrosse Shorts (these are my favorite pair of shorts ever)


flag-final T-Swift’s 4th of July Cake (check out Brit.Co for more July 4th decor and food ideas!)

american flag candy bars
Star Spangled Banner Bars

red white blue chocolate pretzel Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

captain america pizza Captain America Pizza (Rosanna Pansino also has a video with more July 4th sweets)

And if you are of appropriate age, you gotta celebrate with the jello shots. Now, of course there are a million recipes for red, white, and blue jello shots all over the internet, especially on Pinterest, but I think these by That’s So Michelle are the cutest and most clever jello shots I have ever seen.

strawberry jello shots Red, White, and Blue Strawberry Jello Shots

here is a playlist that I found on Spotify that will compliment all your Fourth of July parties and barbeques

I hope you try these recipes and get these shirts because they are awesome. I also hope that you guys have a fun and safe (aka don’t blow off your hands while setting off fireworks) Fourth of July weekend!

keep in mind to celebrate and drink responsibly this weekend!


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