I Wanna Sleep On A Bed Made Of Patty Walter’s Voice

Happy Friday Friends!

Last Saturday I went to Warped Tour at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA and IT WAS AMAZING. I can’t even say how awesome that day was but I do have to say thanks to Truth Orange for hookin my friend and I up with some free tickets! First we had to wait in line to get to the will call to pick up our tickets, which I thought was weird but it was kinda cool because we were on the “WARPED GUEST LIST”
1434924067206 that VIP status thoo

To be honest, I wasn’t even planning on going to this year’s Warped Tour because I don’t really listen to most of the bands, the only band I actually listened to was PVRIS, but when we got tickets I was like “crap, now I need to do some research!” Thankfully, my friend listens to more of the bands than me and she sent me some of their music. Good thing I listened to them because I felt a little more prepared and let me tell you, when we were there and watching bands play their set, I was singing along to songs that I was not even aware that I knew.

I had gone to Warped 3 years ago and this Warped experience totally trumps the other one. The last one was just not that great, I didn’t even know what warped was and I didn’t know any of the bands and it was just bad. But this one, was like the best day ever! My friend, Kristine, and I knew exactly what bands we wanted to see and when, which tents we wanted to check out, and all with time to walk around a chill out.

As It Is

1434893106566I want to listen to Patty Walters talk forever. Curse you for getting Dial Tones stuck in my head for the next 10 years

Us and the Koo Koo Kanga Roo boys
kristine koo koo

Neck Deep4-084511F1-955997-800 1434893004023





4-76AC2CD7-136678-800selfie with PVRIS 

4-A90BF070-646992-800creepin on Jarrod Alonge during the PVRIS set

Set It Off

Making sure we make all the sets we want to see4-A12E8D09-613280-800

One reason why that day was awesome, we met Kelen Capener of The Story So Far, who wasn’t even supposed to be there.
1434924120175 the mvp, who is a little underrately good looking

Let me tell you, our vision was so on point that day. First, I saw Lynn Gunn of PVRIS cut through the line to go somewhere. Then I saw a guy wearing a Neck Deep shirt and showed Kristine, then she recognized him as Adam Shoji from Seaway passing out Seaway stickers while we were in line to get into the venue. And then we walked passed the Pure Noise Records tent and Kristine spotted Kelen Capener from The Story So Far. Literally, I didn’t even really listen when she said “is that Kelen?” I thought it was like someone looked like him but I looked and it was really him! We were surprised to see him because his band is currently on tour and Kristine had just saw them the previous week when they were at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Seeing everyone was like
duffy and busterand

The most important reason why that day was maybe the best day of my life. WE MET LYNN FREAKIN GUNN FROM PVRIS. omgomgomg We saw her at a Starbucks that was nearby when we were done for the day. But it was sooo awesome to get to meet her because at Warped, we could’ve gone to their signing at 2 pm and miss another band’s set and get no pictures as opposed to seeing her at Starbucks and getting a picture with her for freee. When she walked in, I was like “oh my god Lynn Gunn just walked in. I can’t breathe. What do I do??” I was totally having a Marshall from How I Met Your Mother moment

marshall hands this is exactly what I was doing. EXACTLY

So we thought that we should wait until after she ordered to ask her for a picture/talk to her. But damn I wish she was behind me in line because I would’ve been like “oh I will pay for the girl behind me” SO SMOOTH. but that didn’t happen. After she ordered and I finally grew some balls/nerves (whatever term you wanna go with) I got up, not alone of course, and asked her for a selfie and we talked for a bit. She’s so nice and so chill, that’s when I realized that I love her even more than I did before.


I get so starstruck when I see famous people, not that I see them often or anything but I’m glad that Kristine made me do this because if I didn’t, I would live with regret for the rest of my life, and I already got enough of that.

I think that this Warped Tour was a lot better than the last because we knew what to expect and what to do.  Because we weren’t there to see a ton of bands, we also saw this as a networking opportunity. Being communications majors, we both know that networking is super important, so we thought “why not network here?” where there a ton of non profits and record labels promoting themselves and their bands. We also talked to record labels because it’s in a field that we both want to work in after college.

Many labels have what’s called “street teams” which basically means that you help promote/market the label and their bands. Seeing that this is exactly what our majors were made for, we decided to talk to Fearless Records about it. So we talked to one of the interns working at the tent about how to apply for the street team and she told us to give her our email and that she would email us back about the application process and she did. So we both applied for the street team a few days ago and are currently waiting to hear back.

I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time last Saturday, totally worth making my calves sore by standing on the seats to see (yaknow short people problems) and losing my voice and hearing. It was really nice to just spend the day with one of my best friends and listen to the type of music that we both love

I totally recommend checking out Vans Warped Tour if you are into punk/punk pop/alternative esk music and like free stuff because we got a crap ton of free stuff.

swag 1free and not so free swag

1434926170762 nailed it at Google

here is a playlist I made of all the songs that the bands that we watched played that day on Warped


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