Fine Wines and Good Times

Happy Friday Friends!

This past weekend, I went down to San Luis Obispo for my cousin’s college graduation and let me tell you, it was quite the adventure. I hung out with some of my older cousins on Friday and Saturday before the graduation on Sunday, which was kind of a nice change of pace than hanging out with people my age who only talk about parties or drinking, expect we went wine tasting, so there was a lot of talk about drinking… anywaysss since I decided to tag along, that meant going with them to the wineries so they could go wine tasting. I don’t know if you know, because I definitely didn’t, Paso Robles is like the real wine country. I didn’t even know that there were other wineries not in Napa/Sonoma County.

IMAG0020Downtown Paso Robles

So you can imagine being 19 and going to wineries, not much to do right? WRONG! Some wineries actually had stuff for kids and teenagers to do *cough*free wifi*cough* So after this monotonous and horrendous intro, here is my review of the wineries/restaurants that we went to: (also pardon my crap photo skills)

Via Vega
Not gonna lie, when we first walked in here I was like “oh my god I’m gonna die.” Why are the walls painted black and why are skeletons used as decor??” Like no joke, it was effin scary

marcelthis was my reaction

But my cousins told me that the guy who runs the place is really nice, which he is, I would just suggest changing the decor but as long as the wine is good, that’s all that matters right? So while my cousins were tasting, I was playing with the dogs, who were the sweetest pups ever! I wanted to take them home so bad, one was a wiener dog, I could’ve picked her up and left.IMG_0590 here is my cousin and I with the pups

Rate: 4.5 stars out of 5, 5 if I got to keep the dogs

Tobin James
This place is the total opposite of Via Vega, it’s very open and bright and a lot of people, probably because there is no tasting fee. This place is very lively, it has a lot of stuff to do, buy, and taste. It’s a very family friendly place.

IMAG0021one of the really cool art pieces they were selling

IMAG0023what I was doing for 20 minutes while the cousins were drinking, and I do not even like golf

IMAG0024the bar


IMAG0026 definitely something a wino needs to own

Rate: 4.5 stars out of 5, would be 5 if they had better breadsticks

After Tobin James, I was feeling a little pooped out so when my cousins mentioned another winery, I was like stiles gif But thankfully my cousins gave me the option between gelato and another winery, with caves, I might add. After the first winery, I was not really feelin the dark wineries, is that a trend or something? Anyways so I chose the gelato, which was, as my cousins would say AH- MAZING.

Dolce Galleria
This is the type of cafe that has everything from gelato to wine, it’s also huuge, so it is very easy to bring the whole family. It’s also one of those cafes where you can literally buy everything in the store. I totally recommend this cafe if you are in Paso Robles.
Ps my cousin says they have really good crepes

IMAG0029small half panna cotta and half strawberry white chocolate gelato, with a sign that I want in my house

IMAG0030I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelieeeerrr


IMAG0032 look how cool this place is

Rate: 10 stars out of 5

After we were there for about 3 hours talking, we went to Firestone Brewery for dinner. I have always heard that breweries have really good food as well as beer, but since I don’t drink I was really relying on the food. Firestone Walker Brewing Company It was kind of secluded which had me a little sketched out, but I guess you have to be secluded to have a huge brewery like this.

IMAG0033the brewery

IMAG0034the kitchen where there were a lot of attractive boys worked…yup

IMAG0035 look at how huuuuge this place is


IMAG0036 Firestone definitely wins for the best logo


IMAG0039appetizers: mac and cheese in a cute little cast iron pan & calamari

IMAG0040 fish and chips Rate: 4 stars out of 5

And that was all on Friday. On Saturday not only did I feel fat from all the food that we had, but I knew that I would be stuffing my face with endless cheese and crackers that day, so my cousin and I decided to go workout before we started our day. A 30 min run/walk justifies eating a lot of cheese right? The first place we conquered was caller Niner, it was easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Niner Wine Estates
First off, there is no food here, and by that I mean bread sticks, like you can buy snacks but I would appreciate some free bread sticks after working out and only eating a banana


IMAG0045 this is their restaurant where the waiter is very better than average looking, but it’s very spacious, really nice for a big party. I would appreciate being invited to a party here




4-A4D11E64-1131029-800 you can “train your palette,” some of the Pinot ones smelled like dirt to be honest, but I don’t drink so who am I to judge

It sounds like I didn’t like this place at all but I did. It is so gorgeous, the tasting room is so big and spacious with just one bar in the center of the room and it has big doors that are all glass so it was very bright and just felt very open. In the back of the winery is another big room where the waiter said that they hold events and parties for rich people, I assume. The only downside is that they do not do weddings, which sucks because they have a grove of trees in the shape of a heart  that would be the perfect backdrop to any wedding picture. They also have a very, very nice patio area  where you can chill and drink your wine.

4-60E42D67-1335338-800how cute is this??

4-59A766E7-823399-800 me trying to take a picture of the trees from the parking lot…


4-577D5208-1234974-800how cool is this??

Rate: 4 stars out of 5

After Niner, we were all getting hungry to we went to the next place where my cousins claim they have really good food. So our next stop was the Opolo Winery.

Opolo Vinyards
This place looked really nice on the outside which is where we ate lunch. I didn’t realize that I didn’t take a lot of pictures but I guess I was just too hungry to take food pictures. I guess they are known for their pizza, because my cousin was raving about it and it really did live up to the expectation.

4-21BCED63-925594-800how cool is this pizza oven?

4-B6937C46-915201-800a wine company has more medals and ribbons than me. it’s upsetting

This was one of those places where, not gonna lie, I got kinda bored because I had circled the tasting room 3 times and my cousins were still drinking but according to my cousin, the wine connoisseur, this place has some really good wine. I believe the best seller is called the Mountain Zinfandel, which must be good because my cousin bought 2 bottles. (but you can also buy it at BevMo for the same price, so no need to make the trip). I don’t really have too much to say about this place other than it was okay, the food was pretty good, but there is not much to do there if you don’t drink.

Rate: 3.5 stars out of 5

After that we finally went to the one place I was waiting for, the cheese place, Jada Winery.

Jada Winery
This place, no joke looks suuper nice and clean which automatically put me in a good mood. AND THEY HAD THE WINE DOGS BOOK. It is a book about doggies that live at wineries, what’s not to love?! But what I really liked is that they had a separate lobby area then a deck/patio tasting area outside which was in the shade so it was very cool and quiet. It was probably my favorite out of all the wineries.

4-244274AB-616987-800  4-9174BE74-785605-800the front lobby/desk area

So the cheese, this was maybe the most expensive cheese I have ever eaten but it was sooo guuuud.


I was excited because we were going to use the crackers that my cousin bought from Niner that morning. They were gluten free and fun free. I am not saying fun free to be funny, they were literally fun free. They tasted like cardboard box.

niall basketballI was hit in the face with false hopes and disappointment

No matter how good this cheese was, it could not mask the cardboard taste4-0EB2EF97-761699-800love the logo

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. The people working there were very nice and friendly, they had food, and lesbihonest the wine dogs was real reason I was there.

Rate: 5 stars out of 5.

I really recommend this place because it’s very calm and they have food and the wine dog book. (you can get the wine dog book here, I actually just like saying wine dog book)

After we were cheesed out, we went to one of the swankiest places I have ever been, Daou Vineyards, though it was 90+ degrees and I was wearing shorts and a tank top, I felt like I needed to be dressier.

Daou Vinyards
First, this place is on the top of a mountain so you have to take a shuttle from the parking lot up to the tasting room, but that means that it has the most incredible view. Yeah it looks like a whole lot of nothing but it’s just so pretty and relaxing to look at.

4-442B426B-1280660-800    4-4BEE2991-1297519-800 you can never have too many pictures of a nice view right?

4-34768D65-1227313-800 they had a red carpet, swaaanky

4-CC3AEB08-867048-800 another expensive but amazing cheese plate

4-2148DEE6-924352-800bacon wrapped dates stuffed with manchego cheese and watermelon radish. total food porn

4-F7C4A0B8-971749-800more food porn

I really enjoyed this one, the view was amazing, sorry AH-MAZING, the food was even better, and they had free wifi. I totally recommend this one more for the food and the view, but their tasting room is also very big and open.

Rate: 5 stars out of 5, it was so good!

I know you are probably tired of reading by now but I promise I’m almost done! After a short siesta, we went to a super freakin fancy restaurant and if you know me, you know that I am not a fancy person what so ever, but the food was so good it pretty much made up for me feeling out of place.

First, I love the whole feel of the place, very modern and a little rustic. The walls were lined with mismatched window and the checks came to us in leather trifold wallet type thing, a little weird but still really cool. (pardon the crappy food pics, it was really dark in this restaurant)

4-0E56DD8B-606671-800sittin by the fire eating fondue

these are the relatively good food pics

Dessert was probably the best part of the meal, a donut and bread pudding. I’m not really a bread pudding kind of person but this one was so good. It tasted like chocolate cake but suuuuper moist.


4-14B72814-578235-800donut with peach compote and milk sorbet (aka vanilla ice cream) and chocolate bread pudding with milk sorbet

grace dancing gif this is how good they were

Overall, this is a very good place to eat, incredibly pricey but very good.

Rate: 5 stars out of 5

Overall, I rate this trip 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was really nice to see my cousins because I don’t get to spend much time with them because they live so far, but this is definitely one of those trips that I’m glad I went on. It was also really nice to go to my cousin’s graduation because she isn’t much older than me so it’s like my big sister graduated and now she’s a real adult! But like I said it was a really nice to just get out of the city and relax with family, except when there were inevitable family dramas, yaknow. But I would’ve given this weekend a 5 if I wasn’t asked if I was dating anyone or how college was going every 5 minutes, eventually I felt like this cat fuck this gif

Unfortunately I am back to reality and missing my weekend in Paso Robles and my cousins. A maaajor thank you to my cousins, who I hope are reading this because I told them to, for letting me tag along on your wine tasting adventures and for driving me everywhere. I hope I wasn’t too boring at the tastings! Next time you have to tag along with your relatives or friends to go wine tasting remember that it is actually more interesting for an under-aged person than it seems


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