Congrats Grad!

Hello Friends!

I realize that this is a bit late since most graduations have already happened, but my cousin is graduating this weekend and asked me to make something for her cap so I thought why not post about it?

Lately I have seen that the floral crown/lei around the top of the cap has been a trend lately and I wasn’t really surprised considering how popular flower crowns became last summer. So when my cousin asked me to make her a crown for her cap I thought “cool, I’ll just recycle one of the many that I made last summer!” that was until she sent me this picture for reference.

flower crown cap 2

So what’s a girl to do? Make an emergency run to the craft store! So I picked up some small red roses and other white and beige flowers that I don’t know the name of and I’m sure my cousin will get mad at me for because she is practically a flower expert.

Before getting way ahead of myself and jumping right in, I thought that I should get a little more inspo on how they should look on the cap, so here’s what google gave me

flower crown cap

flower crown cap 4

flower crown cap 3

These gave me a little more inspiration and a little more guidance but I was still missing one more thing, the circumference of the top portion of the cap. So I had asked my cousin what it was and she gave me an estimate of about a 9 3/4 size hat, but that wasn’t super specific so I remembered that I had my cap from my high school graduation last year and used that as a guide.

Here’s the materials you’ll need to make these:

Flowers (fake or real)
IMG_0617 yes, yes I did recycle a lei that I got from my graduation last year

Gardening TapeIMG_0618
Gardening Wire

Graduation CapIMG_0623

Wire Cutters or PliersIMG_0622

You’ll also need a hot glue gun for some last minute details

So let’s get started!

To properly guestimate what size I needed I used gardening wire and wrapped that around the top of the cap where the head part meets that board part, but I wrapped it a little looser than it was in case that my cousin’s cap is wider than mine, but don’t worry about it being too loose because the head will stop it from sliding off.

After measuring around my cap it was about 17 inches, give or take. I make one circle just to secure the size, then I wrapped it around a few more times to make it a little sturdier.


Here is what the wire looks like around the top of the cap

Next thing to do is to separate all the flowers and leaves. Since the picture my cousin sent me was very leafy, I was looking for a lot of leaves and I was happy to see that the grab bag of flowers I got from the craft store had a lot of leaves in it.


Since she wanted the crown to be pretty green, I started with the leaves first, attaching them by wrapping them with the gardening tape all around as a base layer then attached the flowers in some of the gap areas.

Gardening tape can be pretty tricky to work with since it is self-adhesive, but what’s weird is that it isn’t exactly sticky, so to adhere it, you just need to press down really well and it still stick like glue!

So the reason I said that you may need a hot glue gun is because after laying down the base layer of leaves, I realized that there are no gaps to tape the flowers on….so that’s where the hot you need to glue the flowers on and into place.

Here is what the final finished product looks like without the cap





IMG_0649here is the front and back on the cap

Originally I left the back plain with just the leaves but she wanted the back of her head to look “ridiculous aka fabulous.” (her words, not mine) So I wanted to put a flower back there but I didn’t want it to get smushed so I put a dollar heart there and I think it looks really good. Her cap is also black so I think that the whole flower crown will look even better on hers.

How big and full you want it is totally up to you, I loved looking at the inspo pictures because they were all different. You can really let your personality shine through these crowns. I also think that this is a nice, subtle way to add a personal touch to your cap, because in my opinion it’s nice to have the actual color of your cap showing through.

So whether you already graduated or are graduating in the near future I hope this DIY will give you some inspiration on how to decorate your cap!


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