Donut Go Breakin’ My Heart

Happy National Donut Day Friends!

The day is finally here, it’s National Donut Day! I donut think you guys understand how happy I am today because 1) I love donuts, 2) I love being able to justify shoving donuts in my face at all hours of the day, and 3) I love puns so be ready for a lot of donut puns.

Whether you are a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts kind of person (p.s. Krispy Kreme are totally the best), here are some recipes, clothes, more puns, and other donut-y things to get you in the spirit and celebrate National Donut Day with me!

Recipes to Try on Donut Day
donut gif

Doughnut Pans and Mini Doughnut Pans
donut_pans_wilton_largebecause how can you try these recipes without donut pans??

Map of Best Donut Places to Visit in LA (also take a look at StudioDIY’s blog for all things donut)Best-Donuts-in-Los-Angeles-Map-600x463

Donut Bows (and other dessert-inspired bows, because why not have bows that looks like they are covered in icing)
donut bowbut seriously how cute is this??

Puns (because I couldn’t resist)

donut pun5

donut pun4

donut pun3

donut pun2

donut pun

DIY Donut Pillow

Donut Appareldonut apronmaybe if I had this, I would actually wear an apron when I cook and bake

donut shirt
The Classic Donut Life Saver 
donut lifesaverfor all you summer pool time needs

I hope you guys celebrate with me in true fashion and try out some of these recipes or stuff all your faces with tons of donuts like me (Hopefully with old fashioned donuts because lesbihonest old fashioned is the way to go)


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