Hello World!

Hello Friends! (or well people who are reading this)

This is my first blog post and I guess an intro to what my blog will be about.

I guess I should start by explain my blog name, seeing that it may not make sense when you first look at it. First off, in my URL I know that it should have double Es but I’m not a fan of the double letters, so there’s that. As for the title, Edge of Glitter basically represents me? As corny as that sounds, I like things that are edgy, like I own a lot of black clothes and listen to a lot of alternative and punk music, but on the other side I like glitter and sparkly things and can also be totally girly and quirky sometimes.

I’m not really sure what my blog will exactly be about but it will most likely be a big mix of different things from food to makeup.

So please bear with me while I kind of figure out my groove with the blog!



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